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We found 28647 items of Knee Length!

Classical Lilac Cap Sleeves Lace Lace Up Court Dresses for Sweet 16 for Prom and Party and Wedding Party

$197.92   $74.43

Halter Neckline Teal Bowknot Knee-length Dama Dress

$295.46   $108.59

Sashes/Ribbons Simple Lavender Satin Knee-length Strapless A-Line Dama Dress

$325.26   $140.69

Halter A-Line Knee-length Taffeta Light Blue 2013 Dama Dress

$326.23   $140.29

Aqua Blue Halter Sash Chiffon Dama Dress Knee-length

$285.95   $102.48

Baby Pink Dama Dress With Black Sash Knee-length

$285.26   $101.68

Sleeveless Lace Up Knee Length Ruching Damas Dress

$179.93   $53.94

Luxury Cap Sleeves Lace Lace Up Vestidos de Damas

$183.24   $73.87

Sleeveless Lace Up Knee Length Belt Quinceanera Dama Dress

$185.04   $75.87

Simple Empire Strapless Dama Dress With Sash Ruched Decorate Bust Knee-length

$295.26   $106.55

Light Yellow Empire Strapless Knee-length Ruch Chiffon Dama Dress

$289.67   $115.77

Strapless Fuchsia Dresses for Dama with Bow Knot A-line Knee-length

$254.36   $118.99

Empire One Shoulder Belt Knee-length Red Dama Dresses

$291.05   $123.36

A-line Aqua blue One Shoulder Beading and Ruching Chiffon Dama Dresses

$286.25   $112.36

Unique Olive Green Lace Up Quinceanera Dama Dress Lace Sleeveless Knee Length

$195.26   $77.22

Grey High-neck Lace Up Lace Quinceanera Court Dresses Sleeveless

$190.96   $68.63

Lavender Scoop Neckline Lace Quinceanera Court of Honor Dress Sleeveless Lace Up

$171.18   $67.98

Baby Pink Strapless Knee-length Empire Dama Dresses for Cocktail Party

$286.36   $128.67

Wine Red Empire Ruching V-neck Short Sleeves Dresses for Dama

$271.26   $105.69

Empire One Shoulder Sleeveless Knee-length Blue Dama Dresses

$256.26   $98.25

A-line Strapless Sleeveless Embroidery ChampangeDama Dresses

$287.77   $108.57

Lilac Halter Top Ruching Knee-length Chiffon Dama Dress for Quinceanera

$276.48   $102.99

A-line Halter Top Pink Dresses for Dama with Ruching and Beading

$290.25   $114.58

Discount Scoop Sleeveless Lace Up Damas Dress Peach Tulle

$207.90   $74.42

Smart Lavender Lace Up Scoop Lace Vestidos de Damas Tulle Sleeveless

$169.13   $67.11

Lavender Strapless Short Taffeta Dresses for Dama with Bowknot

$285.16   $104.58

Black Sweetheart Dama Dresses with Ruching and Handle Made Flowers

$265.26   $105.57

Empire One Shoulder Hand Made Flowers Ruching Fuchsia Dama Dresses

$277.26   $103.28

A-line Yellow Strapless Hand Made Flower Organza Dama Dresses

$269.28   $115.89

Bateau Knee-length A-line Cap Sleeves Dresses for Dama

$288.54   $113.26